My Bio…if you’re interested!

I have had it pointed out that this page contains standard rubbish and that I should write a little about me, so here it is (more rubbish perhaps?!). I am situated in Wiltshire in a small town called Devizes, the closest large town being Swindon and its ‘claim to fame’ being that we have the Wadworths brewery and still deliver to all the local pubs using Shire horses and cart.

I have a degree in media and I am an aspiring writer – I could never write a book but I love to write about my outings, things I enjoy, things I dislike – you will get to know me soon enough. My hobbies also include horse riding (I have my own, Chloe), amateur dramatics, going to the theatre and reading and pretty much everything I do has to be accompanied by music of which I enjoy a huge variety from classical to rock and everything in between. I am a massive fan of Phantom of the Opera so I dare say there will be more than a few references to it as you read through my posts.

So…a few random facts about me

The smell and taste of Parma Violets makes me want to vomit.
My party piece is showing off my double jointed fingers – I love to watch people’s faces on seeing them!
I appear confident (apparently) but am actually incredibly shy and insecure.
I love The Beatles (Pete Best following me on Twitter is a highlight!)
I really would love to go down in a shark cage with Great Whites.
I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse (no longer practicing)

As 2013 is literally around the corner I look to you guys for feedback and help! I am hoping to make a career move back into journalism and so I ask that if you know of anyone wanting a press release/show review/feature or interview that you will think of me. I would be glad to help promote you if you will return the favour! I discovered through taking up blogging that my heart has always been in writing and that this is something I should have followed years ago. Let’s hope I can start doing what I actually enjoy and finally be happy in my work! I will of course continue to blog for fun as well.

If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask away. I will strive to make my blog interesting and varied but one thing I can say is that I will always be honest. I hope you will continue to enjoy what I have to tell you all and I must leave you with a huge THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. For believing in me. For spreading the word. For your kind comments and feedback which have inspired me so much. And most of all thank you for your support, I hope between us we can make this blog HUGE!

Keep dreaming everyone,



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