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I am delighted to share with you all my most recent interview with the very lovely Craig Mather. I am sure that many of you will know him as Marius in London’s Les Miserables, but recently he has been concentrating on his own music and is shortly to be releasing an EP. Read on for more details:

1. You’re originally from Stroud but moved to London for your career. Do you ever miss being in the West Country or is London well and truly your home now?

I miss it EVERYDAY! However, I do love the hustle and bustle of London life and I don’t have the work opportunities in Stroud as I do here but maybe one day I might go back to raise a family!

2. You have recently finished playing Marius in Les Miserables. Was this a role you had always wanted and if so, why?

It’s a dream role for any aspiring actor who can sing – it’s been around longer than I have been alive and apart from Valjean (who, hopefully when I can grow a beard and age about 30/40 years, I can go back to play) this is the only role I could see myself playing.

From 2012 West End Live, begins with Bring Him Home (Geronimo Rauch) into One Day More, where Craig is Marius, see him perform this here:

 3. Some of your earlier roles include Nanki Poo (The Mikado) and Jean Valjean. Both very different roles – do you prefer musical theatre or do you enjoy operettas such as G&S? Both of these must have been challenging to play?

I love a challenge whatever that maybe…i’m not someone who likes to just float through life… I like a good challenge and something to make me think.

4. Are there any roles you particularly fancy having a go at playing?

Albert in War Horse

5. If you could choose to sing any song from any show (male or female role) which would you choose and why (if different to the above)?

Bring Him Home as its been massive part of my life from singing it as Valjean at my secondary school, auditioning at drama school with it and obviously getting it sung above me (many times) in the west end!!!

 6. You have since been gigging with and supporting your friends (including Hadley Fraser and Scott Garnham) at their respective performances. How have these gigs gone down?

Good I think!? Although it’s very nerve wracking performing songs that no one knows.

Watch here for Scott Garnham and Craig performing Empty Chairs at Empty Tables together:

7. You clearly enjoy performing your own material – how long have you been writing for?

I have been writing since I can remember but I only started taking it seriously last year!

8. You are soon to be releasing an EP – can you tell us anything about it?

It’s all my own songs and it’s POP / rock style and I think there is something for everyone on it!

It’s going to be released on 11.11.13 on iTunes and there is going to be an EP Launch is the night before, that is – 10.11.13 in West Kensington. Visit  for more details.

9. Who or what are your inspirations and why?

Everything!!! Thats the beauty of writing isn’t it? You can write about anything you wish!

10. When writing, do tunes or lyrics just come to you or do you have to sit down and ‘decide’ to write something? Please talk us through your song-writing process.

It kind of just happens?! Sometimes I wake up at 3am and write lyrics down and sometimes I’ll just be playing the guitar/piano and a tune will pop out. I don’t have a set way.

11. You’re very musically talented – you play a large variety of instruments. Do you have a favourite?

I think drums are my favourite, only because they are the most releasing to play.

 12. How would you describe your musical style?

My musical style is alternate pop / rock. Think BBC Radio 2!!! 🙂

 13. Is this EP a taster towards releasing an album? Are there any special guests featuring at all?

No guests, just me and my producers… I think I’m going to release a couple more EP’s before I do an album, depends how this goes down!

14. Do you have plans to return to musical theatre or do you think you would prefer to be a recording artist? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m still in the musical world. I’m not leaving it. You might see me soon on stage you never know 😉 …my own writing is a hobby of mine that I would like to share with everyone! If it goes somewhere then brilliant.

15. Do you still offer singing lessons and if people would like to have lesson with you how can they get in touch?

Yes…If you want a singing lesson contact me through my twitter @craigmather or @craigstuition

 16.  Is there anything you can tell us about Craig Mather that we may not know? (That you’re happy to reveal of course!)

Ummmm not sure. I can be reserved when I want to be…but I think I’m quite an open person and what you see with me is what you get!

17. What one single item couldn’t you live without?


18. How would you describe yourself in three words?

FUN, CRAZY, and you choose another one, thats hard!!!? Hahaha (N: Ok, my word for Craig would be talented!)

19. If you could spend a day any way (and anywhere) at all, how would you choose to spend it?

The moon!!!

 20. If you could pick out one moment of your life so far as a highlight, what would it be?

I cant pick, there are far too many!

I would strongly recommend that you look Mr Mather up, whether he is someone you are familiar with or if this interview has introduced you to him. With his multitude of musical talents and a fabulous singing voice, I just know that his EP is going to be something special. I have been lucky enough to experience some of Craig’s original music prior to this interview and I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard.

Here he is performing part of one of his own compositions at St. James Theatre: I vote that you all YouTube Craig Mather at St James’ Theatre or Studio as it will pull up lots of examples.

He is also a fantastic singing teacher, so again, if you fancy lessons then he comes highly recommended. As he has so far been unable to pick a career highlight, let’s make the success of this EP and launch gig that moment for him. I hope you have enjoyed discovering more about Craig and I hope to see many of you at his EP launch. If you can’t make it, then WATCH THIS SPACE for a full blog post about it with (hopefully) videos.

EP Launch: Black Velvet Club, Kensington, West London, Sunday 10th November, 2013.

Follow him on Twitter @CraigMather and on Facebook (which has many details and videos regarding the EP’s progress) at:

You can also find out more and purchase the EP and  launch tickets at:


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