[title of show] exclusive

This interview was originally conducted for Livetheatre.co, link to follow.

 I was lucky enough this week to speak to Simon Bailey about his forthcoming production [title of show]. This production has previously run on Broadway but this will be it’s London Premiere. I was curious to find out more, so read on to find out about why you should get a ticket…

1.       So, [title of show]. Confusing title, but tell us about the production?

It’s a musical about two guys writing a musical, about two guys writing a musical. It’s all as it suggests, but the beating heart of the story is about friendship.

2. Are you able to tell us more about your character?

Jeff is a composer and lyricist, is best friends with Hunter and loves the arts, musical theatre etc. He dreams big and is happy for them to remain dreams until he’s pushed by Hunter to pursue them…

3. Have you had to do a lot of research to get into the role or is it a part you can relate to? Are there any similarities between yourself and Jeff?

We are both very passionate about the work we do, we both take pride in the work we do.

4. How are rehearsals going? Did you know the show before you auditioned?

I didn’t know the show at all, but once I read it, I loved its ingenuity, its quirkiness and its heart. Rehearsals are going great.

5. How does it feel to be part of an Original Cast?

It’s always great to be part of an original cast because there is no template. It allows creativity, creating a brand new journey to take people on.

6. Do you have a favourite scene or number from the show – not necessarily one you are in?

Sounds cliche, but I love all the music. The show is ninety minutes long and we are on stage for about 88 of those, so it feels like one journey rather than a scene by scene show…

7. What can people expect from the music?

Quirky, toe tapping, great harmonies – everything you can wish from a show!

8.  Why should people come to see it?

People should come and see it because it is a great piece, a brand new piece and that is something that theatre lovers should support. It’s also very funny, with a huge heart and a great cast.

9. You have a long history with Phantom. Are you glad to be finally saying goodbye to Raoul, Vicomte De Chagny?

I’m not sure I’d say glad. Raoul has been a huge part of my life and having played him both in London and on the tour, it felt like the right time to part ways. However, with everything that role has done for me, I shall be eternally grateful.

10. Since you finished touring you have been managing to catch a few of the shows currently running on the West End. Are there any which stand out for you?

I’ve seen a lot of great things recently, Book of Mormon, Once, The Color Purple and Titanic.

Many thanks again to Simon for giving us this exclusive insight amongst crazy preparations and promotions for Wednesday’s first preview.

This show, written by Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen is directed by Robert McWhir with musical direction by Michael Webborn. I have no doubt that [title of show] will be another production among many recently that people continue to talk about for quite sometime afterwards. It is on at the Landor Theatre, London from 7th Aug to 14 Sept. Book tickets while you can here: http://s188229697.websitehome.co.uk/LT/index.php/booking-office/

Follow the production on Twitter @titleofshowLDN

For further information check out the official website: titleofshowmusical.com

Follow Simon on Twitter @SimonBailey1210

Read more about the Landor theatre at www.landortheatre.co.uk

Keep dreaming,

Naomi xx


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