Reviewing (the situation!)

Hi everyone,

This month is going to be a busy one – just this week I am reviewing two shows and watching another two and then next weekend I am off to a cabaret as well. I will of course be blogging about them all but I wanted to share some links with you of my three (to date) professional reviews (as opposed to blogs).

First was Soul Sister, the story of Tina Turner. The review in it’s original form can be found here:

Next was The 39 Steps a thoroughly amusing play with a cast of just four people. I recommend this to anyone who is not sure what to see and who wants to be entertained. The original review can be found here:

Most recently I reviewed Go Back for Murder, a classic Agatha Christie play, staged by the Official Agatha Christie Theatre Company. The review as I originally wrote it is here:

I am really enjoying my reviewing and I hope you will all take something from my reviews as well, whether that is to confirm your thoughts about a production or to encourage/discourage you from seeing something. Reviewing is something I intend to continue with and I have several more productions already pencilled in to see. As above, these reviews are slightly different to my usual blog as I tend expand a little more in my blogs and of course they are more informal. I’d be interested to hear people’s opinions though as to what they think about my reviews compared to my blogs. The above reviews were all at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon, a lovely little venue worth a visit, with a good view from all seats.

Coming up this month then, I have Boogie Nights, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Billy Elliott (just a blog, not officially reviewing this), Scott Garnham’s London cabaret (again, a blog not official review) and another gig from John Partridge (Eastenders’ Christian – blog). I am really looking forward to this month of shows, I love the escape from reality and the enjoyment of live action. And as much as I love musicals it is really good to see some plays as well, even if I do expect the characters to burst into song at regular intervals – I am still rather surprised when they don’t!

So please watch this space, lots of new posts on their way!

Keep dreaming,
Naomi xx



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