New projects ahead :)

We are now three days in to the new year and so far so good on the resolution front. I have to confess that I have not yet started my diet but this is simply because I have a lot of bits of food to use up before I do. However I have every intention of losing weight and have joined the newly started weigh in club at work as an added push.

I am trying to be positive though it is not easy with work being a nightmare and feeling rather under the weather but I am feeling inspired at present so I’m hoping this continues. I am ridiculously excited about the forthcoming Les Miserables film so the thought of that is keeping me going, I’m literally counting down the days.

Many people (and thank you so much all of you) have said they are looking forward to my new blog entries. I hope I dont disappoint and I also hope that I will have a lot to share with you all. I currently have four ‘theatrical’ outings booked but it looks as though there are going to be many more this year as there are so many productions I’d like to see.

Something I would like to introduce you all to is a new website and resource called The Media Directory. Due to be launched in March this year, the Media Directory is designed to be a tool to help its members to gain work or create links and networks to get on in their chosen career path.

The Directory will be divided into six sections; Film/TV/Stage, Music, Photography, Comedy, Dance and Art. Each member will get their own profile within their relevant section and all social media that they use will be dragged onto their profile. For example if a musician uses Soundcloud to upload a tune, this can be automatically placed onto their profile on the website along with Twitter, Facebook etc.

Employers can search for a suitable candidate, jobseekers can advertise for what they need. CVs will be visual with the use of the social media links and there will be plenty of opportunities to search for whatever you need. I think this is going to be both useful and exciting and as the site grows and develops then more and more sections will be added. If you are even slightly interested please take a look.

The Media Directory can be found on Facebook, on Twitter (@mediadirectory1) or at though the website is currently under construction. I’m proud to be supporting this. I’d be interested to know what you all think, if you like what you see and hear please share with anyone who you think may find it useful.

Enough waffling for now. I hope I havent bored you all but this is something Im excited and passionate about. I hope youre all having a good new year so far and next time I blog it should be about a production Ive been to.

Thanks for reading folks.
Keep dreaming,
Naomi x


One Comment

  1. Hello! Looks like the new year is begining good and share all new proyects can help us to make them true, thanks x share the web al that we love theather, music and dance will be able to enjoy to know other new
    Artists, thanks again and I hope you a cool day 😀


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