Welcome One And All

Well, hello! It seems I have succumbed to the blogging bandwagon. “Everyone else has one”, I thought, “I think I’ll give it a go”. So here I am, slightly unsure about what to say, how often I will post and even if anyone wants to read what I have to say!

For those of you who don’t know me (and those that do through Twitter, who I have not yet met) I am a thirty-something, blonde haired, green-eyed female, currently residing in Wiltshire, UK. I have several passions in life – music, theatre, performing and singing are a lot of them. Another is horses and for my sins I have a 24 year old mare called Chloe who I will no doubt refer to on occasion in later posts.

I do a rather mundane, office, 9-5 job and consequently I daydream rather a lot. I sing in the shower, in the car, in the corridors at work, out riding, constantly actually. I dream of gracing the West End stages (naturally in my car, I AM Christine Daae), but until then treading the boards  of Wiltshire must continue to suffice.

This year has been a busy (and expensive) one for me as I have been mainly travelling up and down the country following the Phantom of the Opera UK tour (have you all seen it? If not, you MUST!). The cast are fantastic, I know them relatively well now  – I think they find it amusing (or strange?) that I have seen them so much, but I have the utmost respect for them all, and what a talented bunch they are. It is an altogether different production from the London original. The music of course is the same (that is, fabulous) but there are a lot of staging changes so if you are pondering as to whether to get tickets or not, then hesitate no more – DO IT!

As for future posts, I am sure POTO will be referred to on numerous occasions, however I have several gigs and events coming up that I would like to write about so I hope you will all enjoy reading about them, whether they bring back memories for you of being there, or simply help to fill you in on what you missed. I do not intend to be entirely theatrical based either, though I am not convinced that my everyday life will keep you all riveted!  I am unsure about how frequently I will write, but I hope to keep all my blogs entertaining for you. If you like what I write, please spread the word.

One last thing. I have very little patience, so you may well see the odd rant or two on here! I happen to know that a lot of you will feel the same way about many of my rantings, but if you don’t please do not take it personally, simply laugh at my impatience and move on! I hope to meet many new friends through writing this and I really hope that those of you who I have already met will feel a part of this too as I would like to include some of you in future musings.

Thankyou for reading my very first attempt at a blog, your feedback would be gratefully received. I realise I have some work to do and I still need to find my way around, but I hope you liked what you have seen so far and will take a look at my next post. If you fancy finding out more about me you can follow me on Twitter @JustSamssister but I leave it completely up to you. I hope next time I will have more to tell you all.

Goodnight everyone, keep dreaming,
Naomi xxx



  1. haha this is hilarious! You’ve summed up the life of every dedicated phantom phan out there! Stuck in mundane lives when really we dream of donning a brown curly wig and a frilly white dressing gown and singing our heart out at Her Majesty’s! 😀 great blog! can’t wait for the next post!


  2. Ahh great blog! I too have a very normal 9-5 office job but also think one day ill be singing my heart out on the stage…I keep telling myself that one day it will happen!! But in the meantime I guess dreams are the nearest thing I can get to it! Look forward to hearing more blogs from you! Lots of love xx


  3. This is terrific. I can relate so much. Can’t wait to get back to England. The theatre isn’t quite the same over here. Look forward to reading your next post X


  4. I think your blog is fab – this post in particular is great (even though I positively CANNOT hit any high notes, I always sing as Christine Daae!). Can’t wait to read more 🙂


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